Quantitative Proteome Profiling

Proteins are the key functional actors in all cellular processes; diseases almost always manifest at the level of proteins. The analysis of all expressed proteins (the proteome), for example healthy and diseased tissues, is definitely the most applicable approach to uncover key players, which are often named as biomarkers or functionally related protein signatures. Poochon’s PROMIC platform allows for deep quantitative protein profiling up to 7,000 Proteins in one single experiment, and up to 15,000 proteins for one project. Label-free quantification, SILAC labeling based quantification, or TMT isobaric multiplex (six or ten plex) labeling quantification is available. Additionally, the data generated by PROMIC platform can be analyzed using Poochon’s PROMICPATH pathway analysis tool, which uses ten groups of housekeeping proteins/complexes to evaluate the completeness and variability of a proteome profile. The evaluation ensures the integrity, reliability and reproducibility of the large set of protein profile data generated by PROMIC platform.

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