HC-101: Evaluation of Identity and Purity

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This service package is designed for quick evaluation of purified or partial purified protein therapeutics at its early stage of development at low cost. The readouts of this analysis include identities and approximate purity. This service package can also be used for evaluation of the purity of purified protein samples.

Price: $600/sample

Turnaround time: 10 to 15 business days.

Service Description

  • The samples will be digested by trypsin followed by LC/MS/MS analysis for identification. All detectable proteins (even at ng level) including any host proteins will be identified and their relative abundance can also be determined. The purity will be estimated based on the relative abundance of identified proteins.     
  • Work-flow:  sample preparation, trypsin or chymotrypsin digestion, LC-MS/MS analysis, data analysis and result report.


  • A list of identified Proteins
  • A list of identified Proteins with matched peptides sequences
  • Purity
  • Method description

Suitable Sample Type

  • Purified protein samples in liquid or dried form (> 5 µg/sample)
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