HC-104: Profile of N-linked Glycans for mAb

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This service package is for characterization of the profile of N-linked glycans released from purified monoclonal antibody samples using RapiFluor-MS™ N-Glycan labeling kit and LC/MS/MS. The relative abundance of glycans will be determined based on label-free quantitation method (Ion intensity/peak area).

Price: $5,000/sample

Turnaround time: 20 to 35 business days or less.

Service Description

  • This package is designed for profiling of N-linked glycans released form pure monoclonal antibody. This package covers the analysis of HC103. Note: If the analysis of sample identifies it has multiple N-linked glycosylation sites the N-linked glycans profiling analysis will not be preform. The cost will be the same as HC103.   
  • Work-flow:  sample preparation, deglycosylation treatment, trypsin digestion and chymotrypsin digestion, N-linked glycans labeling, LC-MS/MS analysis, data analysis and result report.


  • N-linked glycans profile
  • N-linked glycosylation sites
  • A list of Peptides identified for target protein and peptide mapping
  • A list of identified host Proteins if any
  • A list of identified host Proteins with matched peptides sequences
  • Purity
  • Method description

Suitable Sample Type

  • Purified protein samples in liquid or dried form (> 50 µg/sample, purity >99% )
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