PTM-102: Phosphoprotein Profiling

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This service package is for profiling of S/T/Y phosphorylation sites using phosphopeptides enrichment approach and label-free quantification method for comparison among different samples.

Price: $2000/sample

Turnaround time: 15 to 20 business days or less.

Service Description

  • Profiling of S/T/Y phosphorylation sites at global level from treated cell pellets (> 2×107 cell/sample), fresh frozen tissues (>500 mg/sample), or fresh frozen total cell or tissue lysates (200 µl at 5 mg/ml). For profiling of specific PTMs, please contact us for a quote.
  • Normally, up to one thousand of phosphorylation sites can be identified from an analysis. This service can be tailored for quantitatively profiling and comparing between two samples or between one control and several different treatments.
  • Work-flow: sample preparation, phosphopeptides enrichment using TiO2 beads, LC-MS/MS analysis, Data analysis and result report.


  • A list of identified proteins
  • All identified peptides sequences with phosphorylation sites
  • Label-free quantification
  • Method description

Suitable Sample Type

  • Fresh frozen cell pellet (≥20 million cells per sample recommended for optimal results)
  • Fresh frozen tissue (≥500 mg in weight recommended for optimal results)
  • Total Cell or tissue lysate (≥500 μg of total protein recommended for optimal results)
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