Our Company

Our Mission

Accelerate life science research and development for the world through integrated services powered by innovative technologies and dedicated talents.

Our Values (ACTIV)

Achieve scientific excellence, Create technology accessibility, Team up true talents, Inhabit the highest integrity, Vagile.


Poochon Proteomics Solutions: moving your project forward to save time and money.

Poochon Scientific was founded in the heart of Greater Washington DC biohealth innovation hub in 2012. Founders of Poochon Scientific came with tens of years of experience in protein biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology, mass spectrometry instrumentation, bioinformatics, biopharmaceutical development, FDA regulatory compliance and more. Poochon is capable of maximizing the power of mass spectrometry (MS)-based technologies for wide variety of biomedical and pharmaceutical applications. Poochon Scientific is dedicated to providing proteomics services including protein identification, quantification, and profiling. Years of highly focused bioanalysis practice, brought Poochon unparallel expertise in vaccines and antibody therapeutics.

Today, Poochon is the best choice of proteomic services in Greater Washington DC area, serving nationwide clients from biotech and biopharma, research institutions and government agencies. Poochon is thriving through delivering the best proteomic services in terms of data quality, working speed and cost efficiency for our customers from biopharmaceutical industry, research institutions and government agencies in and out of the United States. In addition to international clients, we are pleased to serve areas in the U.S. such as Research Triangle Park, NC, Boston, MA, Cambridge, MA, New York & New Jersey, Los Angeles, CA, San Diego, CA, San Francisco, CA, Houston, TX, and more.

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