Customized Project

customized project

Customized Project

Modern proteomics projects can be extremely diverse, creating a need that may not be satisfied under our primary service offerings. In response, Poochon created the customized project option to take advantage of our state-of-the-art instrumentation and expert analytics when a project falls outside our routine offerings. 

Any biological sample can be analyzed. Typical sample types include, but are not limited to: primary cells, cultured cells, PBMCs, tissues, protein mixture samples (e.g. IP and pull-down), fraction of cellular organelles (e.g. exosomes and membrane), body fluids (e.g. plasma/serum, CSF, urine, sputum, saliva, etc.), and FFPE tissue blocks/sections.

+ P901: Client Designed Project
Client Designs the Project Workflow and Specifies the Deliverables

Turnaround time: Varies

+ P902: Poochon Designed Project
Client Provides the Project Goals and Requirements; Poochon Designs the Workflow and Specifies the Deliverables
Since each of our clients’ projects are unique and require special attention, many of our projects are Poochon designed. We welcome our clients to contact us for a free consultation as we are dedicated to fully understanding project needs and provide expert input in order to deliver a comprehensive proposal!

Turnaround time: Varies

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