Plasmid Preparation

plasmid preparation

Plasmid DNA Preparation

Poochon provides high quantity, large scale transfection grade plasmid DNA from bacterial cultures. Using streamlined production workflow and proprietary technology, we deliver purified plasmid DNA in various quantities within 3-5 days. We use Endofree Kits to prepare high standard endotoxin-free plasmid DNA. We accept most sample formats (e.g. plasmid DNA, agar plates, stripes, glycerol stock, and liquid cultures).

Our large-scale plasmid DNA preparation service is suitable for customers who work with direct transfection with mammalian cell lines or stem cells which undergo rigorous quality control steps. With our guaranteed endotoxin free standard (<1 EU/mg), you can achieve a high expression level of the plasmid with minimal concern about the cell toxicity.

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