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In 2017, Poochon Scientific and Quintarabio joined forces to offer the area’s first 24-hour Sanger DNA sequencing service center. Thanks to this partnership, Poochon is able to expeditiously collect, process, and analyze samples for DNA sequencing in order to return results within 24 hours on business days.  Through preferred pick-up and various drop box locations, Poochon offers convenient sample submission options for local clients.  Quintarabio’s easy ordering platform allows for simple order processing and results.

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Services we provide

Plasmid samples

About 200 ng plasmid DNA is used in one Sanger sequencing reaction, the maximal volume of plasmid DNA used is 5 ul. We prefer plasmid with minimal concentration of 30 ng/ul.If the plasmid size is more than 20 kb, please double the amount of DNA.

PCR Samples, purified or unpurified

We accept both purified and unpurified PCR samples. If samples are unpurified PCR, we will perform PCR purification before sequencing. For PCR products, we use about 10 ng DNA per kb, so please kindly provide PCR size information when making orders.

Plasmid Verification in E Coli Colonies

Direct colony sequencing services utilizing rolling circle amplification (RCA) or PCR to enable Sanger sequencing without the need for plasmid preparation.

Target Gene PCR & Sequencing from Genomic DNA

We have to perform PCR amplification before sequencing, please provide PCR primers and expected amplicon size. Please send at least 10 ul DNA sample, with concentration ≥ 30 ng/ul

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Sample Submission Guideline

Premix Primer With DNA Sample

Premixed for success

Advantages of premixed samples:

  • Track samples easily
  • Get results faster
  • Enjoy low cost per reaction
  • Improve success rate significantly

Mixed in the same tube: Template + Primer

Unpremixed, DNA and Primer In Separate Tubes


Tube 1: Template     Tube 2: Primer Primer (5 pmol/μl or 5 μM), 10 μl. Or, use our free primer library.

Primer For Sequencing: Prefer Tm: 50-60C, GC content: 40-60%

E. Coli Colonies

Pick a colony and resuspend in diH2O or Tris Buffer

Two sets of tubes:


Tube 1: Colony Suspension     Tube 2: Primer

  1. Colonies need to grow for at least 16hrs at 37°C to reach good visible size
  2. Pick a single colony with a sterile tip and resuspend in 30ul sterile diH2O or Tris buffer (10mM, ph8.0), 15 ul will be submitted to us, and the remaining 15 ul will be kept by the clients for future uses
  3. Prepare 2 separate tubes: 1 contains 15ul colony suspension, 1 contains 5ul primer at 5pmol/ul

How to Label Sample Tubes

Label the samples with your initials followed by numbers


8-strip PCR tube for samples containing template

Example: Samples from John Smith


Label on the cap as well as on the side of the tube

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