Antibody Sequencing


Monoclonal Antibody Sequencing

Poochon offers a rapid cDNA based de novo sequencing service for your valuable monoclonal antibodies. We can sequence from any antibody producing cell line with a service tailored to your requirements for quality control, patent applications, antibody engineering, and drug development. Our monoclonal antibody sequencing services are for sequencing of the variable domains of the heavy and light chain, the leader plus variable domains of the heavy and light chain, or the full length heavy and light chain from hybridomas and clonal B cells. Antibody types include IgG, IgM, IgA, and IgE antibody variable regions (VH and VL) from mouse, rat, hamster, rabbit, monkey, human, llama, alpaca, and camel. Plus, we offer protein amino acid sequence confirmation by LC-MS/MS.

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