Our Technologies

The PROMIC Platform

We developed a reliable and comprehensive quantitative proteomic profiling platform called “PROMIC” by combining optimized sample preparation protocols, our in-line high-performance Dionex Ultimate 3000 RSLCnano system, and a high-resolution Q-Exactive mass spectrometer.  The PROMIC platform allows for deep quantitative protein profiling up to 7,000 Proteins in one single experiment, and up to 15,000 proteins for one project. PROMIC platform is a cost-efficient approach for global protein profiling, proteome characterization, phosphoprotein profiling, biomarker discovery, identification of therapeutic or diagnostic markers in different diseases, identification of key regulators in major biological pathways, and for validation of previous discoveries.

The PROMICPATH Pathway Analysis Software

To characterize a proteome profile Poochon developed the PROMICPATH software. The PROMICPATH is comprised of two parts, spectral counting based or isobaric tags based protein quantitation methods and a protein regulatory function based pathway analysis database. PROMICPATH provides both 42 common pathways analysis services (available for human and mouse samples) and customized pathway analysis services. In addition, it is able to evaluate the completeness and variability of a proteome profile by comparing with a control or a reference, ensuring the integrity, reliability, and reproducibility of a large set of data generated by PROMIC platform.

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