Protein Identification & Proteomic Profiling For Boston, MA

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Poochon Scientific provides a wide array of services, including Protein Identification, Proteomic Profiling and Quantification Services for Boston, MA.

Protein Identification and Quantification Services

The combination of High-performance Liquid Chromatography and high-resolution Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) has emerged as a powerful and universal method for the global measurement of proteins. View our Protein Identification Service Packages.

Proteomic Profiling and Quantification Services

Poochon’s PROMIC platform allows for deep quantitative protein profiling up to 7,000 Proteins in one single experiment, and up to 15,000 proteins for one project. Label-free quantification, SILAC labeling based quantification, or TMT isobaric multiplex (six or ten plex) labeling quantification is available. View our Quantitative Proteome Profiling Service Packages.

In addition to these packages, Poochon is proud to provide the Boston and Cambridge areas with additional services such as Pathway Analysis, Post-Translational Modifications Analysis, Biomarker Discovery and Protein Therapeutics Characterization. For more information, call us today at 301-761-4835 or email us!